A Glasgow driver was sent "spinning onto the other side of the road" after his car was hit by a Mercedes outside a Primary School - before the culprit sped off.

James McKenzie relived the harrowing moment he was smashed into by a maniac who faked stopping to exchange insurance details before driving off.

The incident happened at around 9.20am on Easter Garngaber Road near Millersneuk Primary in Lenzie.

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Posting on social media, a shaken James said: "A car crashed into me at the roundabout at Millersneuk Primary School. I had right of way and as I was going round the roundabout a man driving a Mercedes crashed into the side of me sending me spinning onto the other side of the road. 

"He then signalled for me to pull in as if he was going to swap insurance details but as soon as I pulled in he drove off."

Police Scotland confirmed the crash and revealed they are investigating.

A spokesman said: "We got the call at around 9.20am to a two car road traffic collision.

"There were no injuries and inquiries are ongoing."