Use the bins

I’ve lost count at the number of times people have completely missed the point of voluntary groups litter picking.

Excuses for dropping litter like: “That’s what we pay our taxes for”. No, it’s not.

Yes, council cutbacks have hit us hard.

But it’s still no excuse for the total lack of civic pride for the areas people live in.

Never more than during the school holidays. So come on folks, please show some respect and use a bin. It’s no hard.

Jill Ferguson, Thornwood


Rise in foodbanks and poverty in Glasgow is not the fault of the SNP

No more bills

ON the plus side (Record drug deaths, July 16), that is another1,187 fewer drains on society. That 1,187 will no longer require NHS money being spent on them, no more legal aid bills on their behalf, no more wasted time being used up by social work departments, no more being spent on sick pay, no more benefits of any kind.

Apart from their families (and they have my genuine sympathies for their loss), who is going to miss them?

No one FORCED them to take drugs, and that is a fact.

Alex Watson, posted online

We should fight drugs

We should be trying to reduce Glasgow’s enormous drug problem rather than providing places for them to take drugs.

Our tax money should be used wisely and not just thrown down a bottomless pit as if it is limitless. ‘Help’ isn’t giving them more of the drugs that got them into their sorry situation in the first place

Al McD, posted online


It’s about time prisoners were given the right to vote

Sick of the crime

If people want to take drugs and gamble with their lives, that’s up to them. But other people have to put up with the disruption when they don’t have money to feed their habit, like stealing and violence. I’m sick of it.

C Mitchell, posted online