A doctor sobbed as he was cleared of raping another medic after a Glasgow night out.

Imran Khan, 40, was charged with the rape of his fellow doctor in July 2017.

The 30-year-old woman told how she 'cried and cried' after the alleged incident.

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The father of three denied rape and claimed the woman had agreed to have sex with him.

And he was found not guilty following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The pair had been on a leaving night out with the woman moving to a new post.

Dr Khan said that the woman had told colleagues that they were going on a "hot date", but he initially thought she was joking.

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They had been at Glasgow's Oran Mor in the city's west end - where married Khan suggested they go to the nearby Hilton Hotel.

They later got in a taxi to the woman’s flat at Glasgow’s Clydeside.

Dr Khan, of Glasgow's Jordanhill, was accused of pouncing on the woman, unzipping her jumpsuit and raping her.

He claimed he was invited three times to the woman's flat and everything was consensual.

The woman also refuted claims of lying to make the doctor look like 'a total rat’.

Dr Khan cried as the jury found him not guilty of rape by a majority.