A SCOTS woman has told of her nightmare at forgetting simple things like pals’ names and how to drive due to a debilitating ‘invisible illness’.

Clare Haworth, 49, has suffered with Lyme disease for a number of years which has left her with horrific physical and mental pain.

The opera singer and music teacher, from Stepps near Glasgow, has suffered through her issues after she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a short time ago.

Clare remains convinced she is fighting a physical battle that doctors have been unable to properly figure out.

And she recalled some of the more harrowing times where she thought she had dementia because she’d forget what she was talking about mid-sentence.

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She said: “I’m an outdoorsy person but I’d been feeling really tired and a bit out of it.

“I thought I was coming down with something so didn’t think too much of it. Within a week I felt horrendous.

“I’m quite an upbeat person but I found myself with depression and anxiety. I’d go out and get sweats, pains and things like that.

“I’d feel like I couldn’t do anything.

“I’d never been to the doctors, pretty much in 15 years, but I was going saying ‘what’s happening to me?’ It was really frightening.”

She went on: “I thought at one point I had dementia.

“I sat in the car and couldn’t remember how to drive, it was bizarre.

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“I could also drive places and think ‘I don’t know where I am’.

“It was horrible. I’d forget what I was saying when I was speaking to them.

“I can be in the middle of a conversation and realise I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

“It’s like being in a different world, it’s like a complete fog.

“You can’t remember people’s names, I thought I was losing it - it was horrible.

Clare was prescribed anti-depressants but she claims they made her feel worse.

Now she hopes a course of antibiotics would help get rid of whatever illness is keeping her from living her life in peace.

But the private care comes at a hefty cost of around £3,000.

“Doctors gave me a blood test and told me there was nothing wrong with me.

“I felt like a bit of a hypochondriac but I was put on anti-depressants which actually made me feel worse.

“I’m a good sleeper but I didn’t sleep well for two months. I thought I was dying.

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“That’s why I believe it to be Lyme disease because that can cause inflammation to your brain.

“It’s an invisible illness.

“I just hope in the end that I can keep going and it helps me no longer feel like that anymore.

“It’ll cost around £3,000 for the treatment, but there’s no guarantees it’ll work.

“But after everything I have really great friends who I can count on.

“They made the fundraiser page and I can’t thank them enough.”

BBC weather presenter and close pal of Clare’s Judith Ralston kicked off the fundraiser for her friend with a detailed explanation of the side effects suffered by Clare.

Posting in the gofundme page, Judith wrote: “Dear Friends, anyone who knows our Clare adores her.

“Sadly, she contracted Lyme’s Disease 6 years ago, beginning a nightmare which, until recently, seemed unresolvable.

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“These effects and symptoms have led to Clare going through hell for the past 6 years, yet since the NHS test is often unable to (and in Clare’s case was unable to) detect Lyme’s, Clare requires costly private treatment to try and cure her.

“The eight week course of antibiotics prescribed will cost £3,000 and it is incredibly unlikely that this will cure her on the first go.

“As a result, we are trying to raise £6,000 to fund two 8 week course of antibiotics to try and help Clare get her life back from this horrible disease.

“Thank you for reading this, please share and help if you can.”

To donate, click HERE.