HEADLINING TRNSMT’s King Tut’s stage on Saturday, Fontaines DC are one of the biggest rising acts to emerge from the Emerald Isle this year.

Their love for Glasgow runs deeper than enjoying some Buckfast, as guitarist Curley tells the Evening Times in his younger years he was a self-confessed Celtic fan.

“I came over to watch Celtic when I was younger”, Curley said. “I wore a Galway scarf into a Celtic pub, and your man thought it was a Hearts scarf…

I had to hold my hands up and say, ‘I’m Irish, It’s Galway!’ to avoid any trouble.”

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Catching up with the band before their set on Saturday, the lads spoke of their love for the city and how they would ‘love to get a line about Glasgow in the next album’.

Pyros, mosh-pits and crowd-surfing were the order of the day during their gig, and frontman Grian told the audience they were the ‘best in the world’ before asking audience members on the front-line for a lighter for his cigarette and swigging from a bottle of Buckfast.

Before landing for TRNSMT from Brussels, Fontaines DC had headlined Glastonbury’s John Peel stage, and were heading to the airport straight after to play London’s Citadel festival.

“We still have a few festivals to do and want to make the time to write the second album”, said Curley. “We did a really big tour in America. It’s a different vibe at a festival. You’re planted in and you have to adapt to the surroundings. It’s a good atmosphere, the crowd are always buzzing.”

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Following the festival circuit, the band are looking forward to getting back to the studio to write and record new material.

“When you’re touring see a lot of back-stages and airports, but when you have a day off it’s the best job in the world.”

“It’ll be really good to start creating again” said Curley. “We’ve been playing the same songs for too long – we started off as writers and were making stuff all the time. It’ll be good to get back to that.”

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Fontaines DC released their debut album Dogrel in April this year, and are known for frontman Grian’s unique stage performances, singing in their native Dublin accents about the city and the figures that emerge from it – including famed modernist writer James Joyce.

Their next album might take a different direction, due to the rising rent crisis in the Irish capital. “It’s getting really expensive to live in Dublin right now – it’s definitely pushing out the creatives,” says Deego.