THE issues getting under our readers' skin today:

Sauchiehall Street mess

Do any of Glasgow City Councillors actually walk along Sauchiehall Street to see what a disgusting mess it has become?

I doubt that a stretch of new pavement will solve the problem of our once grand street.

How about tackling the issue of littering, vandals with their spray cans and grown adults using the street as a public convenience in the middle of the afternoon in full view of people passing by?

How about tackling the disgusting filthy lanes full of equally disgusting rubbish? A lot of the rubbish in the lane actually lies outside the back entrances to restaurants and fast food places and offices.

The owners park their fancy cars in the lane but wouldn’t know a scrubbing brush, broom and shovel if these were to hit them on the napper. It’s always someone else’s problem, isn’t it?

Why doesn’t the council put a deterrent in place and hit these people hard by revoking their trading licence?

Sauchiehall Street and the whole of the city centre has become an embarrassing eyesore. Why should we, the tax payers, have to walk along city centre streets that are urine stained and littered with all manner of rubbish? What has our city become and where is that Glasgow pride we used to have? And yet, we have the brazen cheek to criticise third world countries?

CB, Shawlands

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Pothole repair relief

GLAD to see the potholes have finally been covered over at the M8 on-ramp at Charing Cross.

This section of road was awful for months and must have cost drivers a fortune in repairs to their cars.

SL, Glasgow

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Oor Wullie Trail

I MUST admit the Oor Wullie Trail has really surprised me. When I first heard about it, I didn’t think it would be popular.

However, it appears to be a big hit with everyone around the city.

Jason Lang, via email