Bosses at TRNSMT have not ruled out using bar staff providers for next year's event after a dispute over more than £5,000 of withheld tips.

Hundreds of workers at this year's Glasgow Green festival walked away from the weekend with no tips, with recruiters agreeing to donate them to charity instead.

The row has led to union Unite claiming a legal battle could ensue if their members are not given the tips earned over the July weekend.

Now, Glasgow politicians have now called for the money to be returned to staff by recruiters.

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Glasgow MSP James Kelly has written to TRNSMT organiser Geoff Ellis to express his disappointment at the debacle, asking bosses to clarify how they will ensure this issue is not repeated next year, and called for an investigation to be carried out.

When asked, TRNSMT did not indicate whether the same recruiters would be reused in 2020 or whether the issue would be looked into.

He added: “I am shocked and outraged at the way young workers have been treated at TRNSMT.

"It is completely unacceptable that tips should be withheld from workers in this manner.

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"TRNSMT must take action to address the disgraceful way workers have been treated.

"I have written to TRNSMT today demanding they investigate how much money has been withheld in this manner and take steps to ensure the workers are reimbursed.”

Political colleagues of Mr Kelly have backed his calls for action to be taken.

Local MSP John Mason said that a fair staffing provider could be found for next year's festival, "whether the existing contractor becomes fair or the new one is ensured to be fair", asking for all tips to be paid to staff.

Pauline McNeill MSP also said she hoped a solution could be found to ensure tips could be paid to workers.

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Bar staff who have complained about not receiving these gratuities were recruited by HAP recruitment for catering company Central Fusion Services, whose policy states all tips would be pooled and donated to charities.

HAP operates at more than 100 events yearly and the company has denied imposing the policy, indicating the decision was taken by a Central Fusion.

HAP’s managing director Ben Harris said: “HAP Recruitment is a temporary staffing provider. Individuals placed for work by HAP operate under our end clients’ policies.

“Tip policies differ between each client, but the vast majority of our clients do not permit you to keep tips. Instead, they collect all tips and donate to one or more carefully selected charities.”

However, Central Fusion say the policy is well advertised and that workers are made aware of this.

A company spokesperson said: “Central Fusion Limited (“Central”) is a national provider of bar and food services to festivals and events across the UK and Ireland. Central operated the bars at TRNSMT 2019 and engaged HAP Recruitment to supply 809 temporary staff to work at the event.

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Central have a corporate policy that all tips are pooled and given to designated charities at the end of events. All tip collection boxes are counted and verified at the end of each night by an onsite banking team. This tips policy along with our procedures around staff searches form part of our core cash management policy for temporary events. All tips go to charity and Central does not retain any of these funds.

"All Central Fusion and agency staff are made aware of this tips policy prior to their shift and also on site where we advertise the policy at the information point at each of the bars.

"The designated charities for TRNSMT 2019 are Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) and The Care Leavers’ Foundation. The total amount of tips to be donated this year from TRNSMT is £5,769.14.

"The Directors of Central back policies that protect the rights of all workers and are passionate about supporting charitable works in the UK and overseas.”

A TRNSMT spokeswoman added: “TRNSMT works with Central Fusion, which in turn engages their chosen recruitment company, HAP Recruitment, to hire hospitality staff. Central Fusion enforces their own policies regarding tips and staff searches, so we are unable to comment on their behalf.

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"We understand that charity donations made by the contractor will be received by two charities – CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) and the Care Leavers’ Foundation – and that staff are made aware of this before they come onsite and at the start of their shifts.”

Despite this policy being in place, Unite Hospitality have said they will continue to pursue the tips claim.

Organiser Bryan Simpson said: “Our members are determined to recoup the hard-earned tip they are still owed from TRNSMT.

“As the biggest trade union in Scotland we shall be supporting them legally and politically to get what they are entitled to.

“We have been inundated with horror stories from members about their treatment at the hands of HAP Recruitment at festivals across Scotland.

“Our message to the owners of HAP Recruitment is simple – pay our members and change your ways or we shall be forced to pursue your company for numerous breaches of employment rights.”