REPAIR works to a rundown Govanhill property will now go ahead after the appointment of a new contractor.

Govanhill Housing Association has appointed Glasgow-based contractor CCG (Scotland) Ltd for a tenement repairs contract.

Up to 16 properties will undergo major internal and external improvements and repairs.

Work will include extensive stone and roof repairs, the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms, full rewiring and plumbing services and internal decoration.

CCG will also install new windows as well as flat entrance and internal doors.


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It comes after another contractor for the association, McGill& Co, went into administration in January this year.

Govanhill Housing Association chairwoman, Annie Macfarlane, said: "We are making steady progress in improving the condition of sub-standard properties in SW Govanhill and we are, once again, pleased to be able to appoint CCG (Scotland) Ltd for another major works contract.

"CCG has the necessary experience and quality of workmanship to provide a first-class product and deliver more high-quality social housing for the community."

Located at the corner of Westmoreland Street and Bowman Street, the contract works are part of the ongoing South West Govanhill Acquisition & Repair programme funded by the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.


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The Association and CCG have now collaborated in the upgrading of more than 1000 properties since 2015 as part of the Association’s capital investment and long-term planned maintenance programme.

CCG managing director, David Wylie, said: "CCG is delighted to be continuing our work with Govanhill Housing Association.

"This is the second Govanhill HA contract to have commenced this year with a major kitchen replacement contract currently on site.

"The Westmoreland Street/Bowman Street contract will not be without its challenges, however, our SBS Division is incredibly experienced in this area and I am sure the site team will deliver the contract to the highest quality standard whilst being considerate and respectful to residents and the local community."