Hundreds of Glaswegians gathered in the sweltering heat of Buchanan Street to show their renewed support for Scottish independence following the Conservative leadership election. 

Strong words were shared in the city on Tuesday night about "racist" MP Boris Johnson, who held off Jeremy Hunt to secure his place as the UK's next Prime Minister. 

Organised by pro-independence group All Under One Banner, speakers included former Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan, Stand Up to Racism's Mohammed Atif, and SNP Socialists' Chris McCusker. 

Glasgow Times:

While the rally was organised as an event to oppose Boris Johnson, much of the talk focused on the prospect of Scottish independence. 

Mr McCusker saluted the citizens of Glasgow for gathering in the city on such short notice. 

He added: "I am proud that the citizens of Glasgow have rallied around the cause to listen and hear that Scotland has three mandates to reverse this hidious and pernicious government that has denied disabled people their rights to money and dignity.

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"A racist, an out-and-out racist, who will do a deal with Donald Trump. This is what this government is driving at. 

"Scotland has a chance to stand up together. The wider Yes movement, just once swallow your pride. Then we can decide what kind of country we want to be. 

"A vote for the SNP or the Scottish Greens is a vote for independence. They are the only parties capable of taking Scotland away from Westminster and the tyranical policies that it will inflict on this country."

Glasgow Times:

Mr Trump was amongst those who congratulated Boris Johnson on his victory, writing on Twitter: "Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great!"

Anti-racism also featured heavily during the rally, with all four male speakers calling Mr Johnson a racist. 

Mohammed Atif said: "I think it is a sad day for the entire UK, especially Scotland. I came to this country as a refugee 19 years ago and it is a beautiful country. 

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"But politics is a very dirty game. We now have a Prime Minister who tells women they look like letterboxes and that Scots are not clever enough to decide their own future. 

"This is a man who supported cuts to pensioners, the unemployed and the poor in our society, who will now rule the UK. If we leave the fight to the racists, we are all gone."

Glasgow Times:

Mr Sheridan told the flag-waving crowd that Scotland's current position within the UK is "unprecedented" and that a general election must be called. 

He added: "If Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson are the answer, then you are asking the wrong b***** question. 

"We have a situation that is completely and utterly unprecedented. Our government, without a working majority, has been able to change our Prime Minister without an election.

Glasgow Times:  

"If there is a semblance of democracy, you cannot have less than 0.5 per cent of registered voters across the UK decide the next Prime Minister. 

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"They have the right to determine who the next leader of the Tory party is, but they don't have the right to decide who the next Prime Minister is. We must have a general election.

"There is an existing democratic mandate for IndyRef2 that has to be used.

"If Westminster continues to deny us the democratic right to use the mandate we have, then I appeal to the SNP and the wider Yes movement to fight the next general election on a clear platform that a vote for the SNP is a vote for independence."