THE new Still Game Hydro show will pick up where the last series left off - despite the suggestion most characters had died.

The show's creators Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan appeared on George Bowie's Breakfast Show with Cassi Gillespie this morning to discuss the upcoming run of live shows at the Hydro.

The Final Farewell live shows will be at the Finnieston venue from September 27 to October 13, and now it appears audiences attending will get to know what happened after series nine ended.

In the final episode, Greg, who plays Victor McDade, and Ford, who plays Jack Jarvis, fade away along with the other main characters. The final scene shows inside the Clansman with a new set of regulars and a much older Boaby Taylor, played by Gavin Mitchell, behind the bar. The suggestion is that life goes on even though the characters had died. 

Ford said: "The Hydro show basically is if you can imagine a follow on. 

"The shows at the Hydro are going to be a continuation of what happened next.

"There was a lot of greetin' at the end of the TV show and we have got 15 nights at the hydro and basically a lot of greetin' again." 

Glasgow Times:

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Presenter George asked the actors if there was anything else he could tell them before Greg joked, "We have told you plenty already."

Ford added: "You have had us in here for two minutes, you have p**ped us for all the information. You have got it."

The pair, who are due to begin rehearsing at the end of August, also did not rule out a return to TV.

Ford said: “We have been kind of lucky we have written our own work over the years.

“Things came in for us that we have not been able to take because we have been on that treadmill of the programme which is great. We will see.”

Still Game characters Jack and Victor first appeared in Chewin’ the Fat which Greg said would not return.

Ford also added that despite creating the show, the pair make nothing from the millions of views it gets on YouTube due to different users uploading clips.

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