A GLASGOW MP has lodged a bill in parliament to protect asylum seekers from eviction.

Glasgow South West representative Chris Stephens put forward the Asylum Seekers (Accommodation Eviction Procedures) Bill this week hoping to establish eviction procedures for the vulnerable group.

The bill is the result of work with various charities across the city who are supporting those threatened with imminent eviction by Home Office contractor Serco.

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Mr Stephens said: "The purpose is to regulate this a bit more so a person at risk has the ability to challenge.

"It is about bring a bit of fairness to the system and to pile on the pressure."

Under the proposals asylum seekers would assessed for any vulnerabilities prior to eviction, and would have the right to challenge any proposed eviction.

Those at threat would also be given a 60-day notice period, as opposed to the current 14.

A court order would also be needed for any contractor, present or future, to evict an asylum seeker from their home.

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The suggestion comes alongside an early days motion from the MP noting concern about the ongoing eviction process of as many as 300 asylum seekers across the city.

The motion has already garnered cross-party support from both SNP and Labour politicians in Scotland.

Serco are currently attempting to carry out lock-change evictions on around 300 people across Glasgow, with their contract due to finish in September.

Mears, who will take over the contract, have declined to take responsibility for those at threat.