No need for royal help

I ALMOST choked on my cornflakes when I read Richard Low’s letter suggesting the Queen should step in regarding the Brexit fiasco.

I found the statement about ‘EU bullies’ quite ironic given the conduct of Farage and his gang in the EU Parliament.

We already have had two unelected Prime Ministers in May and now, heaven help us, Johnston.

Why we would need the further intervention of yet another unelected person i.e. the Queen to resolve the shambles created by the Tory’s in the first place.

Get back to basics and let the people have a second vote, given the tidal wave of lies that were told.

M A, Glasgow

Boris is no surprise

It came as no surprise to me when Boris Johnson became the new Prime Minister of the UK.

The moment that he announced that he would cut income tax for the rich and raise the rates of income tax for the Scottish people to pay for his racist proposal he was a certainty to win the race to 10 Downing Street.

Caroline McCord, Glasgow

‘Shooting galleries’ impact

There has been massive publicity by the Glasgow city council health care partnership and MSPs in their idea of ‘shooting galleries’.

I wonder if they and the Lord Advocate have took into consideration the latest report by a UN advisor on the damage these facilities cause to local communities.

Is the national health service, Scottish Government and Glasgow city council going to give extra funding to police Scotland for additional patrols if this facility built?

I personally think it will be ‘hot spot’ and magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Name and address supplied