IT might be hard times for the majority of us but for comedians and satirists these political dire straits are a gift.

And who can say they've seized the moment more than Janey Godley, sharing the human thoughts of the otherwise robotic former Prime Minister Theresa May?

The Glasgow comedian's video voiceovers of Theresa May - and other politicians - have gone viral as viewers seek some light relief from the rollercoaster of current affairs.

Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson and Oor Tereeza have all had the Janey treatment, leaving fans in hysterics as they receive a peek inside the brains of our politicians.

"We definitely need humour at a time like this," Janey says. "You can use humour to cut through all the b******* and show people the truth.

"The video give [politicians] a human voice. When I have Nicola Sturgeon say, 'That a******* is driving everybody up the wall," you know that's what she's actually thinking but she couldn't dare to say it.

"When Ross Thomson says, 'I love Boris,' or Theresa May says, 'Move ya b*****,' we know that is what they are thinking but they are not allowed to say it."

There's very little that Janey Godley won't say.

In fact, her political activism came to the fore in 2016 when a photo of her protesting against Donald Trump outside his Turnberry golf resort was seen around the world.

What grabbed international attention? The famous sign reading "Trump is a c***." So, if that's what Trump is, what label would she slap on Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

True to form, Janey doesn't mince her words.

"Boris Johnson is a fanny," she says, without laughing." "He doesn't even get to be a c***. He's not interesting enough.

"He is a sexist, racist, misogynistic, self-serving man. He has no interest in climate change, he has no interest in poverty. The people we would hope to see leave government are the people he will likely appoint as ministers.

"There was a slogan painted on a wall in Glasgow that read, "Boris is a pure fanny," and that is exactly right."

While Janey's language is colourful, there are words she won't use - slurs against women. On Twitter, Janey gets her fair share of abuse, as women in the public eye tend to but she doesn't let it bother her.

"I get a lot of - mostly men - wading in to tell me to mind my language while they are using swear words at me," she says.

"I block people, a lot of people, and it means I can post a video online without having to deal with a load of people coming in and giving me abuse.

"It can be weird to see how people will use hours of their time to give someone abuse on Twitter."

And it's a dangerous game, as one man found out. A bus driver recognised Janey and chided her for having blocked him.

She looked him up and found that he had been abusive towards her on the social media site so read out his tweet to the whole bus.

By the sounds of things, he was regretting his choices by the time Janey had finished with him - and the rest of the bus was treated to an impromptu routine.

But impromptu is what she does best and the comedian is appearing at the Old Fruitmarket tonight with Janey Goldey - Loud and Live, the Soup Pot Sessions.

"It is a totally different experience to see me live," she says. "I am 100 per cent improvising in front of 600 people."

Janey's friend Rob has compiled all the video clips she will be ad-libbing over so the comedian doesn't have a clue what she's going to be seeing in front of her on the night.

Is that not terrifying? "Noooo," she says, like that's a daft idea.

A bit nerve wracking? Not at all.

So, what is the importance of the soup pot, for the uninitiated?

"The soup pot was a very Scottish thing, a very community-based thing - very SNP.

"A Tory wouldn't give you a big pot of soup.

"When I was a wee lassie there was always an occasion when there would be a soup pot on; it was there to be shared. If you were low on money, if anyone was starving, the soup pot went on.

"Janette's man's died, so the soup pot went on; Jason's getting engaged so someone put the soup pot on.

"I did a sketch about Oor Isa in Castlemilk having the soup pot and people loved it because it harked back to a time they remembered when people were kind to one another.

"It was a sharing, generous way of the community to support one another.

"A Tory would have an Aga and nobody would be able to light it."

*Janey performs tonight at the Old Fruitmarket at 8pm.

For more information and to book tickets see this link