RADIO star George Bowie has revealed he almost choked on a lamb cutlet.

The GBX favourite, who is a presenter on Clyde One, said his wife saved him with the Heimlich Maneuver. The star added that he almost passed out.

In a post on Facebook, he said: "So last night I choked on a lamb cutlet!

"Not even joking, my wife walked into the house with two bags of shopping just as I was about to pass out and she did the Heimlich Maneuver and then went and put the shopping away as if nothing happened.

"So now my sick workmates are asking what the headline would have been in the paper. "Shout out to my GB EX." "Bowie's family in Bits And Pieces." or my favourite from Lesley in Lanark "Bowie Silended By The Lamb!"

"All joking aside though everyone should take two minutes out to learn the Heimlick Maneuver because if my wife didn't know how to do this I wouldn't be here to type this."

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The radio personality, who presents Bowie at Breakfast weekday mornings, then shared a YouTube video explaining how to carry out the life-saving technique.

The popular DJ, who is known for his hit show GBX anthems which is on the station at the weekend, is currently promoting his remix of Amy MacDonald's new single Woman of the World.