Homes across Glasgow have been plunged into darkness after a fire at a southside substation caused a power outage across city.

Those living in the Southside, particularly Govanhill, Mount Florida and Shawlands have been affected.

Emergency services were called to Battlefield Road earlier this evening, with two fire appliances attending a fire at a substation.

Engineers from Scottish Power are investigating the fault, but say power will not be restored until at least 11.30pm.

Affected Glaswegians on social media are reporting a number of traffic lights are being affected by the cut in the area.

Power cuts were to be expected this evening after the Met Office warned earlier that outages could occur as a result of today's hot weather.

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Temperatures in Glasgow soared to 29C in the city centre, and forecasters have predicted tonight could be the warmest night of the year.

But tonight's outage is due to the fire - which fire crews have confirmed is causing cuts.

Glaswegians took to social media to alert others of the power cuts.

Some reported car alarms were sounding as the power in their homes went off.