He begins with What the World Needs Now (is love sweet love) and it feels like we’ve never needed to hear it more. 

Later, during an early “modest hit” written for the Drifters - A Mexican Divorce - there’s a jibe at Trump for “that great big wall.” School shootings are  covered and the “lack of progress” in gun control.

“You have to send money to the Democratic Party to get that guy out.”  He’s lived through a lot of presidents and the current one is clearly not a favourite of Burt Bacharach.

He doesn’t want to dwell on the new British Prime Minister, who receives a boo from the crowd when his name is mentioned explaining: “I’ve got enough problems.”

There is a standing ovation at Kelvingrove Bandstand  before he has played the first twinkly note on his piano. He’s one of the worlds greatest songwriters, after all and also 91.

Dionne Warwick’s songs are covered first with Don’t Make me Over and Walk on By setting the tone for heartbreak.

The male backing singer takes over for, This Guy is in Love With You before a generous medley of Say a Little Prayer, Wishin’ and hopin’ and Always Something There to Remind Me.

It’s practically impossible not to sing along to these songs and we do.

Anyone Who Had a Heart is next and as good as the singer is you yearn for Cilla to be up there putting her heart and soul into the delivery. 

With an outdoor venue it’s inevitable there will be chattering amongst the audience but it feels disrespectfully to talk during songs of such poignancy. 

Burt’s Elvis Costello collaboration breaks up the 60s vibe but it’s clear the majority are here for the earlier classics. 

His songs are interspersed with memories of the artists he collaborated with. Aretha Franklin - “you went to her, she didn’t come to you” - immediately changed the key of Falling out of Love without his permission. 

The Walker Brothers’ Make it Easy on Yourself is followed by the Carpenters, Close to You, which inevitably has everyone singing along. 

Burt takes on Dusty Springfield’s Look of Love himself as well as Alfie, in a voice so fragile it adds poignancy to the songs before ending on a positive note with Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head - nothing’s worrying me.