RESIDENTS’ growing fears over asbestos contamination in their homes is the latest concern to blight a Toryglen community.

Locals living in Thistle Housing Association properties have now reported the organisation to the police as they believe housing bosses are turning a deaf ear.

The association, which saw a Scottish Housing Regulator team parachuted in after claims of mismanagement, said the wellbeing of its residents is of “utmost importance”.

More than 600 properties in the community should have had environmental upgrade works completed in 14 weeks.

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It is now two years down the line and, as reported in the Evening Times earlier this month, work is still ongoing with repairs to roofs now having to be carried out.

Those living in Kerrycroy Street have now raised with the association an issue with asbestos panels found in roof spaces.

In pictures, seen by the Evening Times, large panels are clearly seen lying in attics in the street.

Resident Ian Paterson wrote to housing association boss Grace McGolgan to ask why the attics had asbestos and other detritus in them.

He and neighbour David Crockwell claim building debris was deposited in the roof spaces at the start of the Major Works Programme in June 2016.

Mr Paterson and other residents did not receive a reply to questions about the asbestos panels, they say.

Residents say that in December 2017 locks were fitted to the attics without any consultation with residents, who have a right to enter their attic space.

In April this year, residents in Kerrycroy Street received a bill from Thistle with an item: “remove asbestos panels in roof area” with a charge of £58.

They claim they had not been consulted about the asbestos panels, no safety checks had been done, and water tank covers had been left askew, the attic area was still full of building debris and panels that had previously been fitted between the roof joists, and of brown asbestos, broken into pieces.

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Mr Crockwell said: "We don't know what is going on and we are, as usual, not getting any straight answers.

"There are worries our water supply has been contaminated but we're getting nowhere with Thiste."

A spokesman for Thistle Housing Association said: “The wellbeing of residents is of the utmost importance.

“Water tanks are checked every six months, and comply with all relevant regulations.

“A full audit of attic spaces is currently being carried out by a specialist contractor, with work due to finish in the next two weeks.

“Once the audit is complete, work will begin to clear the attic spaces for residents where necessary.

“The Association continues to work with the Scottish Housing Regulator.”

In April the Evening Times told how roof tiles fell from a block of flats on Kerrycroy Avenue.

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It was the second time tiles had come loose from the building and followed repeated complaints from residents that the roof works that had been carried out were shoddy.

Thistle HA then asked an independent surveyor to inspect the works.

It was found that repairs, to be carried out by City Building, are necessary at No47 and No49 Kerrycroy Avenue.

Initially the works - designed to make around 700 homes in Toryglen more energy-efficient - were carried out by energy giant E.ON with millions of pounds of Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council cash.