LIKE all the best love stories, this one starts in the most unlikely of places.

On a Glasgow bus in August 1963, a young woman from Possilpark, headed for the Tattoo in Edinburgh, caught the eye of a dashing RAF technician.

A conversation began, names were exchanged and by the time the bus reached its destination, love was definitely in the air.

From Glasgow to Canada, via Doncaster and the Arctic, that love stayed strong and on August 15, Bill and Joan Davidson will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, the couple have travelled to Glasgow from British Columbia, for what they think will be their last trip ‘home’.

“My dad is 80, my mum will soon be 75, so they are sure this will be the last time they will come back to Scotland,” explains their daughter Angela Faminoff.

“They have lived in Canada for many years, but they say their hearts are always in Glasgow.”

She laughs: “My dad still has the ticket stubs from that bus trip to the Tattoo – he is such a softy."

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Angela asked the Evening Times to pop in and meet her parents for a surprise Thanks for the Memories feature. We caught up with them in Old Kilpatrick, where they were spending time with Joan’s brother Alex McKenzie and his family.

Joan, who is originally from Possilpark, said: “This is really wonderful – an amazing surprise. I miss my family very much, so it’s lovely to see them all.”

Bill added: “I’m dumbstruck. It’s great to be back in Glasgow, although it has changed a lot since we were growing up in the city. The people are still just as friendly though.”

After meeting on the bus all those years ago, Bill and Joan started dating, and continued to stay in touch when Bill was posted to RAF Finningley in Doncaster.

“He would travel home to Glasgow as much as he could, and eventually they got married and dad retired from the RAF,” explains Angela.

“He had been 12 years with them, working as a senior technician on the V Bombers – the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant. He kept the radar and navigation/bombing computers in prime working order.”

The couple emigrated to Ontario in Canada in 1968.

“My nana was there and she had been diagnosed with cancer,” explains Angela. “My mum wanted to spend what time she had left with her. We lived in Ontario for 18 years, then moved to British Columbia.”

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After leaving the RAF, Bill worked as an electrical engineer on radar sites in the Arctic and the couple settled into their new home - but they never forgot Glasgow.

“They have been back a few times, but they have never managed a return trip to the Tattoo – so this time, they are going to do it,” smiles Angela, who was born in Scotland in 1965; her brother Jason was born in Canada six years later.

“We are also doing lots of sightseeing in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and taking a steamship cruise in the Highlands.”

She says: “I’m loving our trip, as they are the best tour guides. Jason and I are lucky to have grown up with such great parents and they are very much loved by their three grandchildren.

“They have never forgotten Glasgow or Scotland – my dad has a huge Scottish book collection and enjoys a wee dram of whisky at night.”

Angela adds with a smile: “We always go to the Victoria Highland Games and they never miss the local Burns Night celebrations.

“And of course, my dad wears his kilt every chance he gets...”

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