Halls are pretty boring, right?

Making my hall more interesting is a real challenge.

I have hit a mind block when it comes to ideas so what I usually do when that happens is turn to my mum. She is often my inspiration for taking the plunge and being brave. I always think - what’s the worst that can happen? It can always be changed, after all.

I am a keen traveller, some would say a wanderlust. I find a lot of my design ideas in hotels as they always have amazing interiors. I remember seeing a picture wall and instantly knew I wanted to create that with my wedding photos in my own home. I loved the perspective of the grid display, the clean lines and symmetry. It took ‘us’ (my husband, wink wink) some time to plan and measure, but in the end we chose Lomviken silver frames from IKEA and used classic black and white images in 20x20cm (Snap Fish). (Top tip – a little blue tac under each frame stops slight movements and the prevents it all looking out of line.)

I also wanted to create the illusion of space and light at the top of my hall, so I added a large mirror cut to shape around my switches (by Glasstec Paisley) and added an extra pendant light (Next Home). It’s a real statement piece and great for an area that gets no natural light. I love the way the pendant light sparkles and shimmers in the mirror.

Finally, I wanted wallpaper but not in large sections, as I knew I would eventually get bored and I don’t have the patience to steam it all off. I papered two small areas around my hall window and front door. It looks great and creates a bit of interest without being too fussy.

Got my thinking cap back on – so watch this space for more hallway ideas soon.

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Must have: If you’re like me and always changing your mind about where things should go then these Command Strips (Amazon, from £3.93) are ideal – they make hanging items quick and easy. One click tells you the picture hanging strips are locked in and holding tight. They come off cleanly leaving no nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue.

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Top Tip: Stairs attract everything you don’t want them too, and they are one of the most used parts of your home. A good way to remove hair and dust which would normally be compressed by the vacuum cleaner is to use a window squeegee. Scrape it all into the middle and then vacuum it up. I do this once a week – check out my video of this on Instagram @myhomeismyhaven