A mindless act of vandalism at the historical gardens of Proven Hall has been outdone by the heartfelt response to the news across the community.

Friends of Proven Hall were devastated to report last weekend that the garden bench located at the Tree of Tranquility garden, within the grounds, had been damaged beyond repair.

Placed in the garden by Scottish charity SiMBA, the bench symbolised an area of reflection for families affected by the bereavement of a new born.

In reaction to news, SiMBA Chief Executive Officer, Sara Fitzsimmons MBE, said: "We were devastated to hear of the vandalism.

"For the bereaved parents and families affected, damage like this causes great upset as the Tree of Tranquillity is such a special place. It offers bereaved families a tranquil safe place to honour their baby.

"This vandalism is incredibly disrespectful and upsetting for all of our families; for some, it can feel almost as though they are reliving their loss all over again."


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In the week since, the vandalism has been countered by a galvanised effort from SiMBA staff and the charity's supporters to raise funds for a new bench that had been earmarked for the Tree of Tranquility garden next year.

SiMBA volunteer and fundraiser, Denise Kelly and her family, have already raised over £2,100 funds for the new bench by climbing Conic Hill twice this summer.

Their focus has now turned to raising awareness and securing enough funds for the new bench in place by August 17th - the date on which the charity will host its annual Butterfly Release at the garden.

Denise says: “When you hear something bad like this has happened to the garden, it’s such a shame. The amount of people I’ve met while fundraising and they say how they wished SiMBA was around when they lost their child.

"We’re now trying to do something positive out of the vandalism.”

Sharing her response to the news, Labour Councillor, Maureen Burke says: "I’m really saddened to hear of the vandalism that has taken place at the SiMBA Garden. The garden is a place for people to go, to be reflective and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the garden offers.

Also giving assurances to the local community around Provan Hall and Auchinlea Park in Easterhouse, Councillor Burke adds: "I’m working with the charity and its partners along with the council to look at what measures can be put in place to prevent this heart-breaking vandalism happening again.


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"I will also be working in partnership with the local youth organisations to seek their assistance in the making the young people of the community aware of the consequences of this vandalism that has taken place.

Highlighting the vandalism also made to the area’s fencing, which was used as an access route to the garden, SNP Councillor Ruairi Kelly says: “We will continue to work in partnership to improve the local area and ensure that the hard work of community groups is not destroyed by mindless vandals.

He adds: “In the meantime, I will help secure funding to make the necessary repairs.”

To support the fundraising for the new SiMBA garden bench at the Tree of Tranquility in Proven Hall, follow the Just Giving page here.