The heat was stifling and Tec was exhausted after another week of detective work. The inescapable warmth had got to him and he was ready to kick back - maybe even treat the Moll to a night on the town.

As he walked through the door he slumped where he stood, tired and ready for the cold and wet nights of winter catching crooks after a week cooked up in a stuffy office.

Not a minute later the door was flung open, nearly taking it off the hinges. Thankfully, it was just the Moll, tearing through the house like a whirlwind as Tec regathered his composure - he was getting old, he thought.

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As she dropped her handbag and picked up the keys to the Buick, Toots declared: "We're going out. Get your coat." With that, Tec shuffled back towards the door he had not long come through and out into the night.

"So where are you taking me," he asked. It turned out that Cinders had big plans for the night. They were to head south, towards Lochleven Road, and to a little Italian she had been dying to try.

Toots was in the drivers seat, speeding along Langside Drive and down into Battelfield, screeching the Buick to a halt around the corner from Trevi, where they would be dining that evening.

As they walked through the doors they were greeted by two friendly staff, who showed them to a romantic table for two in the back corner as the hustle and bustle of the busy restaurant continued around them.

When Tec arrived there must only had been three or four tables free in the whole place, and those quickly filled to capacity throughout the night.

Its popularity promising, Tec sat down and ordered a pint of lager, while The Moll treated herself to a glass of rose wine. The menu itself had a great range to choose from, all promising a hearty homestyle Italian feel.

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To start, The Moll opted for the Frito Misto, a dish of fried calamari and king prawn, with mussels and courgettes, while Tec ordered the aranchini rice balls which were served with mushrooms, mozzarella, and a spicy arrabiata sauce.

Despite the numbers in the restaurant, it could be said the staff were left a bit shorthanded, meaning Tec and his better half were left waiting just slightly too long for their starters. If it had not been for the quality of what arrived, there may have been an issue.

However, Trevi's cooking more than made up for the slow service. The Frito Misto was crisp and perfectly balanced, with a sweet and spicy sauce alongside which complemented the fish.

The arancini, which can often be stodgy or flavourless, were packed with enough Garlic to kill a vampire at 30 feet but not too much as to overpower the delicate taste of the mushrooms - fantastic.

Next up were the mains, which again were a bit slow in arriving. But while Trevi's speed may not be their strong point, their cooking certainly is. Toots' king prawn rustica pizza was gigantic. Despite its size it was not overcompensating for lack of flavour, and The Moll pushed through to finish almost the entire board of pizza, such was its quality.

Tec's own main was equally tasty, a creamy and rich oven-baked carbonara, laden with chicken and bacon. More than enough meaning dessert was off the table.

Overall, Tec's trip to Trevi was a hit. The quality of food, friendly staff and buzz more than made up for the slightly lackadaisical approach to service times. A fantastic evening and well worth the trip out of Glasgow's city centre and into the South Side.

Trevi Ristorante, 9 Lochleven Rd, Glasgow G42 9JU, 0141 649 3802.

Food - 4

Service - 3

Atmosphere - 4


Frito Misto    /    £5.95

Aranchini    /    £4.20

King Prawn rustica pizza   /    £10.95

Pollo Carbonara    /    £8.95

House fries / £2.40


Pinot Grigio Blush x2 - £10.70

Menabrea pint - £4.80