Laurie Vincent, front man of punk-rock duo Slaves, is fresh off the pitch at Truck Festival after a game of five-a-sides.

“Got to embrace the heat” he tells me. “Shorts on, tops off”.

“It’s actually quite new to me. I was always more of a rugby man, but my son’s really into it, so I’m getting into it.

We haven’t even got onto the subject of which team he supports yet, and here I am wondering if football will make up part of the live Slaves set. I ask Laurie the fated question.

“My guitar tech is a Rangers fan and wants to take me to Ibrox. Rangers have Gerrard and Celtic have the strip. I haven’t committed either way, that’s where I’m at at the moment.”

Supporting Foo Fighters next week at Glasgow’s Summer Sessions in Bellahouston Park, Slaves are excited to return to Scotland.

“Since T in the Park has gone, we haven’t had our big summer outing in Scotland so I think this will be it. It’s amazing - we’re going to play with the Foo Fighters. We’ve grown up listening to them. They were the band that we would always see on TV Rocks or Kerrang. They’re real rock superstars.”

“This will actually be the third time we’ve played with him. It’s quite surreal, but it’s nice – I feel a bit more comfortable now to go up to them and say hello.”

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The Summer Sessions will be the first time Slaves have played Glasgow in some time, much to their own dismay.

“I think we’ve got unfinished business with Glasgow”, Laurie says. “The last time we were meant to play we were supporting Green Day, in 2017, and the gig was cancelled on the day. It got completely washed out. We turned up on site and it was devastating.”

This certainly didn’t put Slaves off Scotland, however. Not a chance.

“We have a lot of mates in Glasgow, bands like Baby Strange and Alligators. Apart from London, it’s pretty much our second home with family and friends now

“Me and Irn Bru are good friends, we message a lot on Instagram” Laurie jokes.

If I was to talk to another act that was so often gracing headline bills the way that Slaves are, I doubt I’d get a band so well acquainted with crowds in the dear green place.

“We’ve played the Barrowland a few times now.

“You don’t know what to expect when you go up to Glasgow, and you hear how rowdy the crowds are.

“The thing you notice more than any other town is the musical community. If you’re playing a show in the Barrowland and you try to walk around Glasgow the night before, everyone seems to know about it. The music community seems very vibrant.

“It’s a rite of passage. Glasgow feels like a second home now.”

In what must feel like a seminal time for the punk-pair who are playing the sessions off the back of a headline show in London’s Alexandra Palace, commonly known as the last venue bands play before they go on to play stadiums. Unusually, Slaves will be doing the opposite – returning to the cosy and intimate venues and clubs they started in this Christmas for the Velvet Ditch EP tour.

“The Ally Pally show was a real surreal moment”, says Laurie. “Having that many people turn up to see you as a headline still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

“We’re playing in Glasgow again this Christmas time, at Queen Margaret Union.

“The whole tour is more intimate. We just wanted to do some shows at the end of the year, like a Christmas celebration, and wanted to get back to the small rooms we’d been playing at the start.

“We just felt that we were going around and doing the same sort of academies time and time again, and it’s time to do something a bit different.

To Slaves, having fun is still at the heart of their music.

“Having fun is the first and foremost idea and you have to make music that you believe in”, says Laurie. “Don’t try and make music that doesn’t feel right. You gotta do whatever you like, whether that is punk or not punk. You gotta stand on your own and do what you really believe in and that’s the best way to find success.”

And as for figuring out who it is Laurie supports? “I went to school with Sean McGinty who plays for Partick Thistle. I’ll support them!”