A member of a major crime gang was caught after he left DNA traces on elastic bands used to bundle up dirty money found hidden in a lorry.

Joseph Lindsay, 34, was brought back to Scotland to face justice after he was traced in Tenerife by Spanish police.

Lindsay, formerly of Blantyre, admitted breaching proceeds of crime legislation by agreeing with others to conceal and disguise criminal property between August 25 and December 23 in 2015 and on January 30 in 2017, when he appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

The court heard that on January 2017 police searched an industrial unit in East Kilbride and found a lorry with a hiding place containing cash in plastic tubs.

One of the tubs, which held £95,010, was later forensically examined.

Advocate depute Lindsey Dalziel said: “DNA matching that of Joseph Lindsay was recovered from elastic bands which were wrapped around the money.”

Glasgow Times:

Edinburgh High Court

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A European Arrest Warrant was issued for Lindsay who was detained by the Guardia Civil in December last year before he was handed over to Scottish police.

Ms Dalziel said the case arose out of a police investigation into a Scottish organised crime group (OCG) known to use violence and guns to enforce its activities.

The prosecutor said: “The OCG is the most sophisticated group encountered by Police Scotland. Their operation centres on the importation of vast quantities of controlled drugs.”

Defence solicitor advocate Graeme Brown told the court that Lindsay had consented to his extradition from Tenerife after he was detained.

Lindsay was brought back by Scottish police officers on January 10 this year.

Mr Brown told the judge, Lord Beckett, that Lindsay has never previously served a prison sentence.

The judge remanded Lindsay in custody and called for the preparation of a background report ahead of sentencing.

Lindsay was served with papers to begin confiscation proceedings against him in a bid to seize crime profits.