An air gun thug who shot a kitten in the eye is being hunted by police.

Vets were forced to remove the animal's left eye but said he had made a 'wonderful recovery.'

The nine-month-old kitten was so badly injured vets presumed he had been involved in a road traffic accident.

The incident happened in Lennoxton and the police are now said to be involved but pet owners were warned to remain vigilant.

Glasgow Times:

In a statement Martin Veterinary Centre said: "Our excellent vet Deyna x-rayed his head and body to check for further injuries and was shocked to see that the poor wee kitten had been shot in the eye.

"Deyna proceeded to remove the irreversibly affected eye and the very loving wee kitten has made a wonderful recovery and should lead a full and happy life.

"We are awaiting further advice from specialists as to whether we will need to do anything more in the meantime.

Glasgow Times:

"Well done to our amazing team but the question has to be asked - who would shoot a defenseless kitten in the eye?

"The incident happened in Lennoxtown so please keep your cats safe. The Police will be involved in this case so hopefully the perpetrator will be caught."