Pupils are being advised not to panic if they don’t get the results they hoped for to allow them to go to university.

Help is available to discuss options and alternatives.

Julie Fisher, head of admissions at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “There will always be options. We are advising people not to panic and do some research.

“At Glasgow Caledonian there are places available across subject areas so don’t close off options. Even if you have a subject area in mind, you might find you are a better fit for something else.

“Our staff will be available through the day and this week to support applicants.

“Some might get conditional offers confirmed if not their first choice. “For those who get a place, that’s great.

“For those not yet placed, they should look at our website to see what is available.”

Information is available at gcu.ac.uk or the clearing helpline on 0800 027 9171 until 8pm. there is also a live chat facility on the website.