AN OVERWEIGHT mum who struggled to tie her own shoelaces has told how she was shamed into a healthier lifestyle after her 11-year-old son told her:”You’re no fun anymore.”

Lynn Templeton, 35, says that at 18 and half stone she didn’t have the energy to run about with her young children outside and even walking on the beach was a struggle.

She says the final straw was a family holiday to Blackpool where she struggled to keep up with her family and was left “horrified” by the photographs. She says she was also forced to go to bed early because of constant aches and pains, due to pressure on her joints from the excess weight.

Despite feeling “extremely embarrassed” about her weight, Lynn plucked up the courage to sign up for WW (the new Weight Watchers) and dropping more than eight stones, going from a dress size 26 to a 10.

She now has much energy as her young son - if not more - and goes to the gym four times a week.

Her diet before consisted of takeaways three or four times a week and snacking on crisp multi-packs and potato scones and she says she had “no portion control.”

Glasgow Times:

She now focusses on home cooked meals including chicken curry, more fruit and vegetables, “lots of eggs” and healthier portion sizes.

When her weight loss started to plateau, Lynn signed up for sessions with a personal trainer to help reach her goal weight and is now a healthy and fit, 10stone 10lbs.

She said: “My son’s words horrified me and made me realise it was time to do something about my weight.


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“He was only 11 but told me how inactive I was, as well as telling me I was no longer fun.

“As a mother, having my son say these words left me upset and I decided enough was enough.

“I also felt out of touch with my family as I began to sleep a lot during my days off work and was going to bed extremely early because of aches and pains.”

Lynn signed up for her local WW club at the Ayr Mercure Hotel and says despite initially feeling”extremely embarrassed” about her weight, the support of others was a big part of her success.

She said: “It was helpful to know other people were facing the same fight with their weight and confidence as me.

“There were also lots of members who used to be where I was but were now at their goal weight and this was great support for me.

“It was definitely a bit of a struggle to change the way I was eating, as I had totally let it get out of hand, but I persevered.

Glasgow Times:

“The WW app is brilliant, and it allows you to keep track. I could still easily grab something and point it through the app as it covers a lot of places like Greggs and M&S.

“Once I became more confident and got to a comfortable enough weight, I also started swimming at my local open-air pool, taking my kids and mum with me.

“ I was eating plenty and loved the Freestyle plan, and this along with more exercise, I saw a great impact on my weight loss every week.

“When my weight started slowing down, I decided to conquer my fear, put aside what other people might think about me and started to attend a weekly personal training session.


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“I can now say that I had absolutely no need to worry about attending a gym, and I can now do things that I would not have even thought about at my heaviest, one of which being climbing Arran’s Goatfell mountain with my partner Steven.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I have changed jobs from a forecourt assistant, where temptation was all around me, to now doing a dream job of working in a care home, I could never have did this job when I was at my heaviest.

“I can say that through attending WW I’ve gained friends that are always there to keep pushing you to do your best, and I have got my confidence back.”