By Cheryl Johnson

If you are squeezing in a last-minute holiday before the end of the summer holidays, or have a getaway planned for later in the year, how do you feel about packing?

Some people love it, others hate it - but if you need some tips, I have you covered.

I am an extremely organised person and like to start planning my packing list of what I might need - outfits, shoes, swimwear, toiletries - weeks in advance.

(I stick to things I ‘need’ as I used to add things in ‘just in case’ and then freak when I got to the scales at check in...)

This year we are off to the Middle East and Asia - so it’s city break attire for Hong Kong and Singapore, beachwear for Thailand and beachwear/evening outfits for Dubai.

I was starting to panic about how to organise all of this, and then I discovered packing cubes (Amazon, £15.99 for 4). They are great for making everything in the bag so much more organised and easy to find, without adding significant weight to your luggage. They are double zipped and have a mesh panel for easy identification.

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I can’t believe how organised my case is for going away. It means I don’t need to unpack stuff I won’t be using at each location.

Another useful tip is to add tumble drier sheets to each bag. They keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Also, it’s a good idea to split your cubes between multiple suitcases in the unlikely event one of them goes missing - then at least you will have some clean clothes and underwear to see you through.

MUST HAVE BUY: Anker PowerCore 20100 mobile phone charger (Amazon, from £32.99)

I love photographs and believe that you can never capture enough memories. Smartphones are great but I find my battery never lasts long when I’m out all day on holiday. This charger is the answer. Available in multiple sizes.

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TOP TIP: Not a lot of people know that you can order toiletries from Boots online and click and collect at the Glasgow Airport store after security just before you fly. It saves on stress and space if your case is too full of shoes and is ideal if you want to take lots of sun cream with you but only have carry-on luggage. You MUST order seven days in advance, though and remember you will have to go through security when you fly back home, which means you won’t be able to take any liquids bigger than 100ml with you.