The Record Factory on Byres Road is selling a new ‘delicacy’; that of the Breakfast Pizza.

Two meals in one go – a home-baked Margherita pizza topped with square sausage, potato scones, baked beans, tomatoes, a fried egg, mushrooms and the piece de resistance: Stornoway black pudding.

Initially only intended to be sold for only a week, due to the unprecedented popularity of the Breakfast Pizza head chef Steven Gallacher has decided to extend its lifetime. So, what was left to do, other than to try it for ourselves?

I was nervous as I waited on chef Steven to prepare my pizza, thinking, ‘what have I agreed to do?’ Once eventually put down in front of me, I felt a bit overwhelmed looking into the eye of the storm – or, rather, the yolk of the pizza-topping egg.

I tried to make a delicate start on this Glaswegian delicacy. What a fool. Beans were flying off the plate, and I had to nudge the rest of the toppings out the way to get a clean slice through the base.

I toyed with the idea of picking up a slice with toppings and all but thought better to grab a forkful instead to get around the avalanche of flying fry up pieces. It tasted of cheese, beans, and the usual fry-up goodness.

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Reader, it hasn’t been defeated previously, but I tell you now that on this occasion my gob just wasn’t big enough. As much as I feel like a loser for admitting it, putting it on top of a pizza just seems a bit wasteful – if the pizza was shared I’m sure it would be more than enough, but just for little lonesome me, there was no way I could get through it all.

It certainly has done its job by catching eyes across the city, and some rival establishments have also began experimenting with their own take on the hangover-busting fry up.

But I would be worried that some people would think it’s okay to eat this on the regular – and I’m not alone in my niggles.

Professor Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow’s School of Cardivascular and Medical Sciences, said that the breakfast pizza is ‘not to be recommended’.“That breakfast meal had well above 1000 Kcal, and perhaps as much as 1800Kcal – about 40 per cent to 70 per cent of total calorie intake,” he said, “and a lot of saturated fat”.

“We should not be making it easier for folk to overeat – quite the opposite. Most want help to improve diets, not incentives to eat more.

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“The occasional treat is fine, of course, we all have them, but the habitual diet should be one which allows people to remain the same weight as they are or else help them to lose weight if that’s what they are after.

“Excellent breakfasts are a fibre rich cereal with low sugar and salt but with some added fruit – everyone can adapt their taste buds to enjoy.”

It would seem that for those health gurus among us, the Breakfast Pizza isn’t a winner. But, once in a while on a grey Monday morning when you and your pals are feeling a bit rough around the edges... The Record Factory could be your first stop.

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