Several Labour candidates in Glasgow have signed a letter stating their opposition to a second independence referendum.

The letter comes after Labour’s shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, said UK Labour wouldn’t block a second vote on the issue.

Mr McDonnell said it should be “for the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people to decide”.

The statement has caused some Labour politicians in Scotland to be concerned it will weaken their anti-independence position and give the Tories in Scotland a boost.

Now four Westminster candidates in Glasgow have joined others in penning a letter stating their position .

Pam Duncan Glancey, Glasgow North candidate, Patricia Ferguson, Glasgow North West, Faten Hameed, Glasgow Central and Kate Watson, Glasgow East have all singed the letter

It says: “As Labour Party candidates in Scotland we want to make it clear: we oppose another independence referendum; we are against the uncertainty and economic upheaval that leaving the UK would cause and; as the Tories threaten our place in Europe, we do not believe the answer to nationalism is more nationalism.”

The letter is signed by 12 Scottish Labour candidates.

The letter also sates in 2014 Labour led the campaign to keep the United Kingdom together and protect working people from the austerity that would come from separation.

“since then our party has too often sounded like we do not know where we stand on this issue.”