Height of summer and the warn muggy rain was pouring down, the tepid raindrops trickling down the back of my trenchcoat collar. After a busy and very moist few days hot on the trail, I needed some comfort food. Shepherd's pie, maybe, or a rare steak and a baked potato.

As ever, the Moll had other ideas. She's got a bee in her blonde bonnet that we need to take better care of ourselves as the years stack up, so huddled under a giant umbrella, we made our way to Great Western Road and the Hug and Pint. I wasn't fighting it, I was badly in need of both.

We squelched through the door into a spit and sawdust kind of a joint and were shown to a table in the back. It was that trendy lighting that looks like the lightbulbs were a first draft by Thomas Edison, and there was a noisy, student vibe that made me feel a tad old. But everyone was very friendly, so the hug box was ticked.


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Toots delivered her lightning bolt. The place was not just vegetarian. It was vegan. It's all the rage, I know. But I brightened up when saw the wine list and we ordered a couple of glasses of crisp South African white.

The menu was short and, to be fair, interesting, and our brisk but cheery waiter recommended lots of plates to share. "See, Tec," beamed Toots, " I knew you'd like it." She believes in the power of positive thinking, especially when she's getting what she wanted anyway. A selection of dinky bowls started arriving, and I had to admit, it was way better than I thought. I loved the weird puffed rice salad, like a spicy, savoury bowl of cereal. The jackfruit curry had a great texture and a mild, zingy flavour, offset by some fragrant rice. The innocent sounding cucumber and peanuts had quite a kick from the chili oil, and the tofu was a revelation, chewy and creamy. The tempeh was a nice, silky dish that was a relief from other, stronger flavors, very comforting. Spiced lentils and a mushroom and cashew curry slipped down a treat and I was starting to admit that the varied fare was making a carnivorous Tec think again about the whole vegan thing.


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I pushed away my selection of little dishes well satisfied. Wonder what they do for dessert?

Nothing, it turns out. I did ask, but the answer was, they don't. Probably just as well for the belt on my trenchcoat, but I think they're missing a trick, I was in the mood for a vegan pudding by then.



Jackfruit curry x 2 £13.20

Szechuan Tofu £6.70

Mushroom Cashew curry £6.90

Sweet Soy coconut tempeh £6.90

Puffed rice salad £5

Spiced lentils £4.20

Cucumber, chili oil and peanuts £3.50

Jasmine rice x 2 £5


Glass of Western Cape white wine X 2 £10

Total £51


Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Food ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere ⭐⭐

The Hug and Pint, 171 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9AW, Tel

0141 331 1901