RANGERS legend Ally McCoist missed his target and instead fell off a boat while on holiday in Portugal.

It is thought that the former player and manager was stepping off the vessel when he slipped and went crashing into rocks on the seashore - leaving fellow tourists in hysterics.

To make matters worse, a young girl held out her hand for him - but he slipped as he took it. 

The 56-year-old suffered cuts and bruising following the incident during his summer break in Faro with his wife and kids.

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According to The Scottish Sun, he said: "I fell off a boat when I was with the kids in Portugal.

"What happened was we went on this little boat trip from Faro out to one of the islands for a bit of lunch, a beautiful 45-minute boat ride.

"I had the big bag with all the stuff in it and the kids went off first.

"It was quite embarrassing actually because there was this young girl holding out her hand helping the elderly off the boat and she had the audacity to hold her hand out for me.

"Never want to knock back the opportunity I took her hand and slipped and went head first into the rocks."

Appearing on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show on Talksport, McCoist added that he was "cold stone sober" when the accident happened. 

It understood he could be seen sporting a large gash on his left knee while co-hosting the radio show.

He said: "After I fell into the rocks there was the initial two seconds of sympathy from the people behind to see I was alright.

"Once they knew I was alright they started killing themselves laughing.

"I got 'Are you alright son,' and when I said I was fine the whole place was in uproar laughing."