AN anonymous donor has boosted a fundraising drive to send a woman stricken with Lyme disease to Mexico for treatment.

The Evening Times told yesterday how Yen Lau went from being an energetic young professional to bedridden after being infected with the tick borne illness twice in two years.

She launched a fundraising drive to help her travel to a specialist clinic for the help she says she desperately needs.

And now her bid has hit more than £3000 - thanks to a £2000 donation from a kind hearted supported.

Yen said: "I know who the donor is but he wants to remain anonymous.

"I am so overwhelmed.

"For a girl who now has no friends thanks to chronic illness I just cannot believe this.

"I am so thankful to everybody.

"I am not much of a crier but I did shed a few tears at all of this."


Woman's life ruined by Lyme disease

Yen is hoping to travel to a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, for treatments not available in the UK.

Patients visit four times in the first year and then have follow up visits at a cost of around £3000 each time.

The 32-year-old is booked into the clinic in October and says she "can't believe" she will finally have this treatment after two years of hell.

She said: "For the treatment itself, this is enough money. My visit to Mexico in October is now definitely happening.

"I just got off the phone to a girl who thinks her chronic illness is incurable and so she wanted to put some of the money she had saved for herself into my account.

"I absolutely would not want to take money from another person with an illness but that just shows you how amazingly kind people are.

"It is incredible."

Yen's nightmare began two years ago while camping at Loch Lomond.

She was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease. The illness is, according to the NHS, usually easily treated with anti-biotics.

But if treatment is not given immediately the disease can cause lingering after effects such as chronic pain, fatigue, severe headaches and forgetfulness.

Although medical experts do not agree on whether chronic Lyme disease exists, Yen is adamant that she has the illness and that it has ruined her life.

A former make up artist and business manager, Yen said she has more than 40 symptoms and has seen more than 50 GPs in the time since she was first bitten.

Just two months ago she was attending a retreat in Crete to relax and recuperate when she was bitten again and left with a characteristic bullseye rash.

Yen, from Baillieston, said she was brought to the brink of suicide by the second bite, as it left her feeling so ill.

Her circle of friends dwindled as she was unable to go out and socialise or go to work and she became more reliant on her sister and parents for support.

She has also turned to the internet for help and says she has been overwhelmed by the kindness of other chronic illness sufferers.

Now Yen says she must raise £25,000 for the full course of treatment abroad.


What is Lyme disease?

But she is determined to achieve her goal.

Yen said: "I have had some negative feedback but I had so many messages of support from people, loads of people getting in touch.

"I used to work as a make up artist and I have seen people leave messages saying how I helped them.

"You don't often get positive feedback in life so to find out how many people I have touched along the way is incredible."

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