A JEALOUS care worker who launched a five hour assault on his partner after accusing her of cheating on him has been jailed for 21 months.

Blessing Masukume, 25, punched and throttled partner Sarah Blackwood, 22, at their flat in Glasgow’s Easterhouse.

During the violent attack Miss Blackwood feared she was going to die.

Masukume pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to two assault charges over a period of two years and a breach of bail.

Sheriff Johanna Johnston QC sentenced Masukume to 21 months behind bars.

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A brutal attack after Miss Blackwood’s father’s birthday party in February 2017 made her believe she was going to die.

Prosecutor Harry Findlay said: “Masukume made allegations about Miss Blackwood’s infidelity which she refuted.

“He punched her on the back and got on top of her and pinned her down when he continued to ask if she had cheated on him.

“Every time she said she had not, Masukume would punch her on the face.”

During the five-hour attack, Masukume would choke her and let go when she started to lose consciousness.

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Mr Findlay added: “At one point she decided to agree with him and say she was cheating to see if he would stop assaulting her, but he continued.

“She thought she was going to die.”

Masukume, who works in a care sector, threatened to kill Miss Blackwood and made her bleed but refused to let  her clean herself up.

Miss Blackwood tried to contact emergency services in the early hours of the morning, but the phone was snatched out her hand by Masukume.

In an earlier attack in 2015, Masukume punched Miss Blackwood for going ice skating with her family after Christmas.

After another assault which required hospital treatment, Miss Blackwood decided the relationship was over and contacted the police.