THE world’s most powerful leaders could be heading to Glasgow next year for the United Nations Climate Change Summit.

Glasgow has been chosen as the UK city to host the annual global conference, if the UK bid is successful.

It will be the largest summit ever held in the UK, with world leaders expected on the final weekend.

The UK Government is bidding jointly with Italy to host the UN Convention of the Parties UN COP 2020 and is the favourite to be selected with no other serious rival bids expected.

The UK and Italy merged their previously separate bids, making success a distinct possibility.

It would see around 200 world leaders come to the city for talks and 30,000 delegates from governments, academics NGOs and climate experts also staying in the city for the two-week long event.

Next year’s event is to be the biggest since Paris in 2015 when the Paris Agreement was signed.

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Barack Obama spoke at the Paris summit in 2015 when the US and China signed up to the agreement to reduce emissions and limit global warming.

Donald Trump however, announced he was removing the USA from the agreement when he took over as President the following year.

The conference would be held at the SEC and would be a huge economic boost to the city’s hotel and hospitality trade.

The UK Government confirmed Glasgow would be the location if it is successful.

Claire Perry, former Minister for Energy and Clean Growth and recently named the UK nominated President for COP26 by the Prime Minister, said:

“As one of the UK’s most sustainable cities, with a record for hosting high-profile international events, Glasgow is the right choice to showcase the UK’s commitment to the environment.

“The UK is a world-leader in emissions reduction, having cut our emissions by over 40 per cent since 1990 - faster than any other G20 country since 2000. And we recently committed to go further, by legislating to reduce our net emissions to zero by 2050.

“In 2020, world leaders will come together to discuss how to protect our planet and set the direction for the years to come. Where better to do so than Glasgow, at the state of the art Scottish Events Campus.”

Susan Aitken Leader of Glasgow City Council, , said:”I’m delighted that Glasgow will host these vital talks if the UK bid is successful.

"This is the century of the city and cities must lead in the worldwide response to the climate emergency. Here in Glasgow we are racing to zero and I hope that our ambition will inspire the world leaders who’ll be here next year should the UK bid win.”

A final decision is expected to be announced in December this year at the summit in Santiago in Chile.