AMBER RUDD the UK Work and Pensions Secretary is the latest Government minister to turn down an opportunity to come to Glasgow to see the scale of poverty in parts of the city.

Ms Rudd was invited by Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council to come to the east of the city, which one of her predecessors, Iain Duncan Smith, said inspired his welfare reform agenda.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Poverty, Philip Alston, also visited and criticised the welfare reforms as Dickensian creating a modern day workhouse agenda.

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However, a reply on Ms Rudd’s behalf said the government did not agree with Prof Alston, said poverty was falling, and insisted reforms like Universal Credit were working.

The letter stated: “The Government disagrees with the Rapporteur’s analysis.”

It states: “Child Poverty is actually at a historic low.” and “Universal Credit is a better modern benefit..which is fair to everyone.”

Ms Aitken visited The Glenburn Centre holiday fun project funded by the council’s holiday food programme and said if Ms Rudd had accepted the invite she would see for herself the damage caused by government welfare policy.

Around 100 children attend during the holidays and get a meal as well as a range of activities.

The project received £34,089 to run a programme over the four school holiday terms starting this Easter

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Ms Aitken said: “Ms Rudd is one of the most senior figures in a government which systematically and ideologically hammers those people most in need of assistance.

“So it’s hardly a surprise that she believes her welfare reforms are successful. It’s clear she would also rather do anything else than come face to face with the impact of her disastrous policies on the people of Glasgow.”

She noted that the UN Rapporteur actually visited the city whereas Ms Rudd and other Senior Government ministers have refused.

She added: “We can put in measures such as our Holiday Hunger programmes and Universal Credit hubs to mitigate against the worst excesses of Tory policy. But there is a limit to what we can do against such a harsh and uncaring government. Every forecast shows an increase in relative poverty over the next four years in Glasgow and we are likely continue to have the highest levels of child poverty in Scotland.”