Pair are found out

WHO said: “A democracy fails to be a democracy if the people are not allowed to change their mind’’? Ian Murray!

Who said “there is no appetite in Scotland for a second independence referendum’’ just a day after a poll showing that 52% would vote yes in a indyref2 and that a majority wanted a second indyref2 ? Richard Leonard!

A pathetic pair. The first is without any sincerity and just wants to keep his personal gravy train intact and the second is clearly confused or just plain dumb. Anyhoo, both have been found out for what they are.

K E, via email

Ban the Glorious Twelfth

IN just a few days’ time, a group of armed bullies will once again pretend that they’re sportspeople and prowl the moorlands so they can massacre birds.

The Glorious Twelfth – the “Inglorious Twelfth” would be more fitting – marks the start of the red grouse shooting season. Its toll, though, isn’t limited to the hundreds of thousands of grouse who will die before the bloodshed ends – or even the countless foxes, stoats, hawks, squirrels, falcons, weasels, and owls who will be trapped, poisoned, and gunned down to ensure that there are plenty of grouse to kill.

To stimulate the growth of heather shoots for young grouse to eat, landowners set fire to the moors every year. Peatlands are among the world’s most valuable ecosystems. Burning them emits some 260,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Clearly, grouse shooters don’t care who they victimise. But we should. It’s time that the Glorious Twelfth were banned.

Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Tackling teen thugs

I HAVE some sympathy for the police, because of the age of the offenders they have limited powers (Teen thugs wreak havoc, Friday).

This group of youths (it isn’t clear that it’s a single gang) have caused havoc across the South Side and made the lives of many people unbearable. Some residents won’t let their own kids out in the early evening for fear that they’ll encounter some of these youths. Others have been physically attacked.

I get that immediately criminalising young people for making a mistake isn’t the right thing to do. However, where you are already undertaking on a pattern of criminal behaviour then there needs to be action taken to safeguard the community.

Andrew Montgomery, posted online