Verdict: Four stars.

It felt like 2005 again at the Kelvingrove Bandstand, although everyone had a better haircut, hardly anyone was wearing acid drainpipe jeans and more people were smoking vapes than cigarettes.

Bloc Party at the Kelvingrove Bandstand whipped up a storm for the penultimate evening of the Glasgow Summer Sessions.

Playing hits such as 'Flux' and 'Helicopter', the crowds moved in unison with no need for prompts from frontman, Kele Okereke.

Beginning their set with the last of the sunshine, Kele joked that it was a ‘sign’ after the days' bad weather.

Sign of a good show indeed, the quartet never dipped in energy throughout – even when security hauled crowd-surfers over the barrier to throw them out.

It was indeed one of the rowdier nights that the bandstand had seen, as the audience danced as much as possible wherever they could.

Kele even joked whilst singing the line, ‘watch yourself’, referencing one of the audience members who was being escorted out the venue.

Accompanying songs, ‘Blue Light’ and ‘Hunting for Witch’ with synchronised colour-light shows, strobes, and confetti blasts accompanied the clanging guitars and rhythmic beast of the evening.

Kele even urged the crowd to be as loud as possible, saying ‘I can’t hear you, Glasgow!’, and to ‘use their remaining energy to rock’ for the final song.

The night took a tender path as Kele dedicated ‘This Modern Love’ to all those in the audience who ‘had a lover’. Couples turned in unison whilst friends embraced.

As if he spoke too soon, the rain started for closing tracks ‘Flux’ and ‘She’s Hearing Voices’.

Along with the smoke, confetti cannons, dancers and debris of the evening, it was a memorable close to the evening and the band took a bow before they left the stage – a nice touch that a lot of the acts at the stand have side-stepped.