THERE is nothing more stressful than planning a wedding - unless its planning a wedding with no venue. 

Jill and Stuart Logan, were almost in this predicament when their initial venue pulled out, leaving them with almost 200 RSVP'd guests and nowhere to put them.

Glasgow Times:

That is until student staple, The Shed, saved the day.

"We had a venue booked, and everything off the back of that - a caterer, DJ, all that stuff" Jill told the Evening Times. 

"We were let down as the capacity became an issue, and they couldn't fit us all in. That was a few months before the actual wedding. 

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Glasgow Times:

"It was at an AC/DC tribute night we were at when the idea was floated that The Shed could be an option- and we thought this could be ideal. We spoke to the management and they gave it the go ahead. It was amazing. We didn't think they would do it but we were really really lucky. 

"It was a buzz as well - we used to go every Friday when we were growing up so to think you could get married there was even better.

Watchi Jill and Stuarts wedding teaser video on Vimeo here

The Shed pulled out all the stops to transform the venue into an unforgettable arena for Jill and Stuart without losing it's spirit - or Saturday night fever.

After the initial wedding ceremony at Bourock Church in Barrhead, the wedding party headed to Glasgow's Southside to party the night away. 

Ushers handed out VIP wristbands to guests whilst themed welcome drinks were served in the club's Cabin Bar. In the loft there was a Til Death To Us Party. 

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Glasgow Times:

"The Shed promoted it if you bring a card for the couple you get in for free - it was a bit crazy" said Jill.

"The venue is huge and at no point it felt crowded or anything. We got so lucky with the weather yesterday as well. In fact, we've left all our gifts there, which is testament to how incredible the staff were". 

"The wedding was amazing - it was the best night of my life. It was everything we wanted. It really was an amazing day."