THE PRIME Minister’s office is currently considering an invitation to visit Glasgow from the Evening Times.

We wrote to Boris Johnson after he took office and outlined several areas of concern in the city that demand his attention.

We highlighted three issues that as Prime Minister of the UK he should get directly involved in.

We asked him to come and hear from people who have been left worse off by the switch to Universal Credit.


Evening Times invites Boris Johnson to Glasgow

The invitation also asked to come and hear from people calling for a Safer Drug Consumption Facility.

Glasgow has recorded a record high of drug deaths in the last year with 280 fatalities.

The Home Office has blocked the plans for a facility that is widely accepted, even by the Home Office, to bring benefits.

And we asked for him to intervene in the current policy of Serco who are changing locks and putting asylum seekers out of their homes, while an appeal is still be determined at the High Court.

Should he accept we would invite readers to suggest other issues that Mr Johnson should be made aware of.

As speculation mounts over the likelihood of a snap General Election this year Mr Johnson could come and hear directly from people in Glasgow on what action they want from his government on issues that affect daily lives.

We sent the letter on July 31 to 10 Downing Street.

We have received a reply from Downing Street’s Direct communications Unit on behalf of the Prime Minister, dated August 8 thanking the Evening Times for our letter.

It stated: “Your correspondence is receiving attention.”

Our invitation was backed by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who said that not only did she endorse our call for Mr Johnson to come to Glasgow she would personally give him a tour of the city.


Nicola Sturgeon backs our invite to Prime Minister

Ms Sturgeon said: “I would not just back that call, I would make it a personal invitation and escort him around to see the effects of Universal Credit and the Serco evictions myself.”

Leader of Glasgow City council, Susan Aitken, also wrote to Mr Johnson but has yet to receive a response.

Ms Aitken also wrote to Amber Rudd the Work and Pensions Secretary who has declined an invitation to the city.

Writing in today’s Evening Times, Ms Aitken has issued a challenge to the Conservative members on Glasgow City Council to also invite the Prime Minister and his cabinet to Glasgow.

She said: “Perhaps if they were to ask the new PM and his top team to visit the east end and act upon our challenges Glasgow might get a better response.”