A CHARITY store in Glasgow's South Side is facing thousands of pounds of damage after a flood caused costly water damage to stock.

The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre at St Luke's Business Park has been hit for the third time in its six months open after the flood last week.

Charity bosses, including founder Jamie McDermid, have said they are 'devastated' and have called on the public to help them raise funds.

The organisation's founder told Glasgow Live: "To see it all ruined is a nightmare. It's irreplaceable. I was close to breaking down.


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"The place was an absolute mess and a lot of the damage was actually splash damage. It was like an explosion of white soap.

"I now run the shop and use money from the donations to help musicians.

"It's been great and there has been a lot of support.

Glasgow Times:

"Being a musician is very costly, between the likes of merchandising and recording. Years ago the help just wasn't there.

"I wanted to create a place were musicians could come and practice, where they could record for free or have a place to make music videos."

A GoFundMe page has been set up,with more than £1,000 now having been raised.


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Initially hoping to cover repairs, the store may now be able to make other improvements after the events of last Friday.

Posting on the fundraiser, Jamie told of his delight, writing: "So we are both humbled, and proud to say you guys did it, you tore through the first total in just a day.

It's fantastic, we truly don't know what to say, but thank you!

"We will keep it going until Monday, and anything we make now will go towards bigger improvements in the shop to make sure this never happens to us again, including a new wall in front of the water damaged one."