THIS week I have been out and about a lot visiting different home interior shops and I have noticed the trend of blush pink.

It’s a colour that I am in love with at the moment. TK Maxx, Next and The Range have a lot of unique blush bespoke furniture pieces that would look gorgeous in any style of home. The pieces vary from traditional to modern.

Blush is becoming one of the hottest colours in home décor, it offers a subtle sophisticated delicate touch to any room. I introduced this in my living room as the taupe’s and creams that I had were just a little bland for me. When I told my husband Craig that I was adding blush pink into our living room, he didn’t say much but his face did all the talking, however as always, he trusted my judgment.

Blush isn’t a new colour, but it’s one that may not be on your radar — and even if it is, it may not be in your home. If you are like me and a little frightened to commit to colour in your home, start small and introduce little touches and small pops of blush pink to test the water. Add some accents such as scattered cushions, ornaments or wall art and slowly build it up.

I would always recommend this step when introducing any colour, in fact I am currently doing the same in my bedroom at the moment. I am at the early stages of finding the right colour of navy and adding this in bit by bit until I feel comfortable that I have enough colour. Next week I will be introducing the bold colour of navy into my bedroom and talking about the challenges and things I learned when doing so.

Must have buy

Unsure how to dress your coffee table the main focal point of your living space, then look no further than this chic tray.

Whether you want to display some stylish books or knick knacks or just need a spot for your remote, a tray will make whatever you place on the table look neat and polished. I purchased this one from The Top Drawer for £34.99, TK MAXX also have them in variety of sizes and styles. When styling your tray with books (Amazon), pick ones with bright covers and bold lettering and vary the height of the stacks for an effortless style. Add some stylish accents such as candles (Yasmin) or small ornaments such as succulent plants (Asda).

Cleaning Tip

Have you noticed your shower head is looking a little dirty, this top tip will unclog your shower head from any leftover residue of mold or mildew. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water and pour this into a plastic bag. Tie the bag around the shower head to immerse the holes in the solution and secure with a twist tie, double knot. Leave to soak for an hour then remove the bag and wipe away the loosened deposits.