Natalie McGarry is to fight her £25,000 fraud conviction despite previously pleading guilty.

The former SNP MP will ask appeal judges to overturn the outcome in what has been described as an "exceptional" case, according to The Sun.

McGarry was sentenced to 18 months behind bars in June after admitting two charges of embezzlement in April.

Sheriff Paul Crozier denied an attempt to withdraw her pleas.

Experts say she may struggle to explain why she confessed to embezzling money from pro-independence groups if she claims she is innocent.

Glasgow Caledonian University Law lecturer Nick McKerrell said: “The case is exceptional because it’s so unusual.

“She wasn’t rushed into a decision, so she will have to make an argument about why she made the guilty plea when she didn’t want to.

“This will be very difficult. She’s challenging her guilt even though she made that plea.

“Ultimately the court will ask, ‘Why did you plead guilty if you’re not guilty’?.”

McGarry was elected as an SNP member in 2015 but resigned the party whip following the emergence of fraud allegations.