BACK to school time is a family affair for the Wilsons... as four generations work or learn in the same Glasgow primary.

Annette, Susan, Alisha and Ayva are all related to one another, meaning the youngest of the four, Ayva, has her gran, great-gran and big cousin all at school with her.

And for Ayva and Alisha, this week has been special as they both start primary six at Dalmarnock Primary School.

Ayva, nine, moves up from primary five while it is Alisha's starts work in her new role as a support for learning worker in a P6 classroom.

Alisha is also a former Dalmarnock Primary pupil and was keen to join the school as a staff member.

She left the primary around 10 years ago and has been working with children with additional support needs for PEEK Project in the East End.

The 20-year-old said: "That involved going into the schools, which made me realise I really wanted to work in the school environment.

"I wanted to come back here to Dalmarnock. I used to come in on a Friday for my placement and then a miracle happened and I got the job here.

"They narrowed it down from 72 applications to eight people and then I was chosen from the eight.

Her aunt Susan is quick to add that it was no miracle - and all down to hard work before Alisha adds: "It is a bit overwhelming because some of the teachers were here from when I was here and now it's not a teacher-pupil relationship - we are peers.

"It is so exciting. I am looking forward to getting started."

Annette, who is mum to Susan, gran to Alisha and great-gran to Ayva, has been working in Glasgow's school kitchens for the past 42 years.

She was in the former Barrowfield Primary School - as was Susan - and when it closed, moved to the new Dalmarnock Primary, which has been open for12 years.

The 72-year-old, who has three children, two granddaughters, two grandsons, a great-granddaughter and great-grandson, said: "I see former pupils who are all grown up now - in fact, some of them are grandparents now.

"Former pupils come in and say, 'There's my old dinner lady! Are you still here?'

"I semi-retired a few years ago but I have no intentions to retire just yet. I do think about it but I would miss it too much."

Annette works alongside her best friend Liz and the pair this year celebrate their 25 year anniversary as work colleagues.

It's clear that the Wilsons think of the school as an extension of their family - and could not speak more highly of their fellow staff members.

Susan is a support for learning worker - her brother is Alisha's dad - and also a cleaner in the school.

The 49-year-old former pupil said: "When I started I was a cleaner and I've kept that job on as well, so I have the two roles in the school.

"So if I make a mess then I have to clean it up again."

"When I started here the head teacher was my old head teacher and two of the teachers had been my teachers.

"It was really hard to start calling her by her first name but we had a wee night out and that sorted out that problem."

Susan works in the school's nurture room and said visitors love coming to Dalmarnock Primary for its "great atmosphere".

Her children went to Dalmarnock Primary School also before going up to St Mungo's Academy.

She said she hardly sees her granddaughter but when she does, they just give a quick wave to each other as they're so used to having family around.

Ayva is also relaxed about having her gran and great-gran around to keep an eye on her - not that it's needed, as the school describes her as a model pupil.

She is about to be joined at Dalmarnock by her little brother, aged two, who is soon to start in nursery.

Ayva said: "Miss McCredie and Mrs McAllister are my favourite teachers and I like art the best and playing in the ukelele club.

"I don't mind having my gran as I'm just used to her being there."

Susan said: "I love Dalmarnock Primary because they do so much outwith the school as well.

"And I like it here because of the staff. The staff are great, so friendly.

"They were so welcoming to me when I came back.

"Ayva's little brother is the last to come through the school but you never know, there might be a fifth generation... that's up to Alisha now."

Around 5000 primary ones started school this week in Glasgow.