City can rival capital

I READ Stewart Paterson’s article in Tuesday’s Evening Times on Edinburgh being ahead of Glasgow in a new travel guide.

He is right – Glasgow can still rival the capital by a long shot. Yes in hotels, restaurant, pubs, entertainment etc.

We have the Merchant City, the West End, East End and some of the finest architectural buildings in the world, starting with the City Chambers on George Square. A wonderful nightlife – great entertainment.

We have great songs written for Glasgow –I belong To Glasgow by Will Fyffe and I’m Glad I was born In Glasgow by Glen Daly. Edinburgh does not have any song named after its city. The wonderful Uefa Champions League football and the great River Clyde flowing through it.

All our museums are free. At the Edinburgh Festival, you would have to go to the bank to get a loan as all prices are sky high. I think it is now £35 to get into visit Edinburgh Castle. It is the same with all the so-called tourist sites you want to visit.

Thomas Kelly Donnelly, via email

Problem with street bins

The problem with Glasgows reduction of pavement bins from smaller Victoriana double bins is folk don’t use them properly.

Too often locals use them for their household waste, as they’re too lazy to use their own domestic bins. Some business premises fly-tip their rubbish, instead of paying for commercial waste bin bags.

People need to use pavement bins properly, and where possible take their rubbish home with them. It’s not difficult.

Jill Ferguson via email

Cycle race proved costly

On Monday, August 5, the Evening

Times featured a small article on P2 on the 46 per cent rise in businesses going into administration because of falling customer base, yet turn over to P4-5 there is major coverage of the closure of Glasgow city centre so that a few hundred or so can ride their bikes around for the day.

As a business owner I lost money that day as the city centre was seriously affected. When will this council realise that to get people into the city it has to be open, not closed for a pedal “roon the toon”

H Mckean , via email