TWO new bus gates are to be installed in two of the busiest streets in Glasgow city centre in a bid to get public transport flowing.

The new restrictions will be in place next month at Union Street and Oswald Street, two of the busiest streets in the city for buses, with hundreds passing through every hour.

Concerns have been raised by the bus industry about slower than average journey times in Glasgow being linked to a drop in passenger numbers.

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After a consultation last year the city council has decided to put up another two bus gates in the city centre between 7 am and 7pm.

It will mean cars going down Renfield Street will need to turn off as they will not be able to continue beyond the junction with Gordon Street.

Cars coming into the city centre will not be allowed further along Oswald Street than the junction of Midland Street.

They will add to existing bus gates at Hope Street at Waterloo street, Nelson Mandela Place at West Nile Street and Stockwell Street.

Glasgow Times:

Cars heading south will be able to use Robertson Street and Wellington Street and those heading north will be able to use West Campbell Street and York Street.

The move is hoped to improve journey times for public transport through the city centre.

Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said it is part of the council’s efforts to support the city’s bus operators and promote greater use of more sustainable forms of transport.

She said: “It is vital we do everything that we can to sustain public transport in a city where almost half of our population has no access to a car.

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“The bus remains the most significant form of public transport in Glasgow, but there is no doubt the bus sector is facing a challenging future. Giving buses priority on key routes gives operators the chance to run the kind of reliable and efficient services that people want to use.

“These new measures will improve journey times through the city centre and help to make the bus a more attractive travel option in Glasgow.”

The plans are in line with the Connectivity Commission recommendations for priority in the city centre streets to be for walking, then public transport, then cars.

The new bus gates will be live from September 2 this year.