HOW do you like to have your fish and chips?

For Catch in the West End, the possibilities are endless.

Since opening, both the Giffnock and West End branch of Catch have been rejuvenating the classic chippie tea that Glasgow has come to know and love so well.

Now it would seem that their efforts have been well appreciated as both branches are the only nominations from Glasgow to have made the shortlist for the 2020 National Fish and Chip Awards.

Organised by Seafish, the annual events looks at food quality, sustainable ingredients and innovative menu options as they decide who should be crowned the ultimate winner for the best UK Fish and Chip dinner.

Safe to say, Giancarlo Celino, Catch’s owner, is incredibly excited about the nomination of his two branches.

“It’s very exciting but there is a lot of pressure on the shops. It’s good for staff morale, to have the two stores nominated.”

“We never expected both shops to be shortlisted, but we’re absolutely delighted that both shops are in the running for it. We couldn’t be happier.”

Even before winning anything, the applications for the awards themselves were arduous: an extensive form and a mystery dining experience, where establishments don’t find out their scores out of 100 until the end of the competition.

“We want people to think of us when they’re thinking about where to get some good fish and chips in Glasgow.

“It’s a very well recognised awards ceremony, but also just for the staff to be buzzing about something is so great – we like to be kept on our toes.

“We do genuinely believe we have a chance to go for, because we’re pernickity about the quality of our product.We believe in it, so we do buy the best quality that we can. For us, it’s all about quality in everything we do. Our fish is sustainably sourced, our black pudding is Stornoway, our potatoes are peeled and chipped daily. It mean’s a lot to us.

“If we did win, we wouldn’t change a thing about the restaurant or our ethos. If it’s not broken, why would we fix it? It’s just about good food, good quality and good service. Scottish fish and

chips is the best seafood in

the world – all we’re doing is sourcing it, using the best ingredients that we can with it, and showing it off to be the best it can be.”

So, what is so different about getting a chippie at Catch, rather than anywhere else in the city?

“We’re not trying to be fine dining; we don’t do small plates. We aren’t stuffy. We cook our fish and chips to order, and the customer really likes that. The batter has to be thin and light and crispy, or with panko breadcrumbs. Sometimes we experiment – our curry batter is very popular, and so is the salt and chilli batter. Oh, it’s amazing.

“Traditional fish and chips sells, but we try and change the offering slightly – between traditional and the more experimental tweaks. You can get sweet potato chips or salt and chilli, or with bacon and different sauces. We still do a traditional fish tea at lunch time, but it’s good to change it up and have something for anyone from any generation.”

We are a long while away from the fish and chips that tomorrow would be sold wrapped up in my words today and with Glasgow’s Catch, it tastes all the better for it.