Avenues project

As someone who works and frequents the city, who in the council planning thought the Avenues project was a good idea?

All I, and many others, have seen is greater congestion ergo more POLLUTION.

This mostly down to illegal parking and no enforcement and now one of the busiest bus routes Renfrew Street is to suffer the same fate.

Well done city council, on another congestion and POLLUTION hotspot being created, also the suicidal cycle lanes running the length of the pavements with crossing points I invite you all to take a walk along there on a Friday/Saturday night and see how you get on.

H Mckean, via email

AN increase in train fares sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection of views from readers...

Train fare increase

IT’S already £25.50 per day if you travel during rush hour.

Completely unsustainable on anything but a high wage, or on an MSPs expenses!

You have zero chance of encouraging normal people onto public transport to cut emmisions at those prices.

Claire MacKenzie, posted online

I SOLD my motorbike when I moved to the city six years ago.

I’ve tried my best to do my bit but it’s proved to be nothing more than an exercise in frustration.

I bought a motorbike in March this year and have never looked back.

Mark Blanshard, posted online

THE latest increase is a disgrace. How can ScotRail expect to keep customers when they are forced to pay out such a huge amount in fares?

The price to travel by train to Edinburgh from Glasgow is simply ridiculous.

KM, Glasgow