HEALTH bosses in Glasgow have said they would not be surprised if ruthless drug dealers are targeting city children with 'Street Valium'.

Following claims in The Scottish Sun that kids as young as 11 have been spotted using the potentially deadly Etizolam by social workers, the council have spoken out about the 'widespread' issue in the city.

The city council whistleblower said youngsters are known to 'kick-off' after having taken the substance, trying to fight police officers.


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The experienced social worker added another young boy sprinkled the Street Valium over a meal prepared for him by council staff.

Now, the city's Health and Social Care Partnership have warned that vulnerable people across Glasgow are at risk with benzodiazepines such as this being sold for 'pennies'.

However, they stressed evidence suggested Street Valium is predominantly used by the adults.

A spokeswoman added: "Our addictions experts believe street drugs being sold as Valium are responsible for an unprecedented number of drugs related deaths in Glasgow – particularly when taken with alcohol and other drugs.


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"We voiced concerns that Street Valium is linked to a sharp rise in the number of fatal and non-fatal overdoses in the city. People may think they are taking diazepam, but it may be other much more potent benzodiazepines such as Etizolam.

“Drug dealers are flooding Scotland with Street Valium pills, which are produced quickly and in vast quantities which are then sold for pennies to vulnerable people.

"Sadly, these unscrupulous people put profit before people’s lives and we wouldn't be surprised if they're ruthlessly targeting children. However, the evidence so far suggests that Street Valium is predominantly used by the adult drug-using population.”