WORK has begun on a development which will see 36 flats built on the site of a West End school destroyed by a fire more than five years ago. 

Grant Murray Architects confirmed that work has begun on a project to rejuvenate the Glasgow Steiner School building on Lumsden Street.

Builders are set to transform the B-listed building, which was left scorched following a 2013 fire, into 14 flats alongside a further 22 units erected on the site. 

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Submitted to Glasgow City Council in 2018, the plans have been approved alongside some conditions and hope to see residents move into the currently derelict building. 

The site will include mezzanine floors and an external courtyard in the historic building.

In a statement the architects wrote: “The top storey, set back 3m from the north, west and south elevations, has the significant effect of reducing the overall height appearance of the building.

Glasgow Times:

“A lesser stepped back 4th floor also finished in anthracite zinc cladding further brings the apparent massing of the block down in scale.

Subsequently the brick / stone element of the building will line through with the four storey blocks either side and with the school building.”

When the fire hit the school in March 2013, dozens of children and staff were evacuated as flames tore through the school.

The fire broke out during morning break and led to a tower on the roof collapsing into the building and debris raining down on parked cars.

In total, around 85 students and staff were displaced as a result. 

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The development comes despite attempts by campaigners for the city's Steiner School to rebuild the school. 

Following the blaze pupils and staff were moved out of the school and classes were held at alternative premises in the city. 

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The school's former manager, Kathryn Turner, told the Evening Times in 2013: "Obviously it is still very early.

"But we are hoping to rebuild, as the external walls are structurally sound and there is no reason to demolish them."

However, a statement of closure was posted in 2017 regarding the immediate closure of the school. 

Glasgow Times:

Writing on their website, they said: "It is indeed very painful that after some 28 years of Steiner Education in Glasgow, we are having to make this difficult decision, but feel that with enough courage, effort and, ever more necessary today, sufficient financial support, Steiner Education could once more be here to nourish children’s souls; the Glasgow Steiner Community will continue to work hard towards this aim."

Glasgow Times:

In its place, a community of those who supported the former school continue to hold sessions promoting the idealogy. 

Grant Murray Architects and Glasgow Steiner Community have been contacted.