Thousands are preparing to walk the streets of Glasgow as part of Pride 2019 celebrations today. 

The LGBT event will mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewell Uprising, which brought about the annual tradition.

But where are they marching, which roads will be closed and how does the weather look?

When does the march start?

Floats and members of the public will begin lining up at Clyde Place from 10am, and the march will set off at 11.30am. 

It will end at approximately 12.30pm.

What is the route?

The route from Clyde Place is: King George V Bridge, Oswald Street, Argyle Street, Queen Street, onto George Square, St Vincent Place, St Vincent Street, Renfield Street, Union Street, Jamaica Street, the Broomielaw and enter Fast Link.

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All floats/vehicles will continue onto the Broomielaw to McAlpine Street and disperse. 

What will the weather be like?

From the outset, Saturday looks to be lovely. It looks like marchers will be bearing the worst weather of the day - if it could even be considered that.

At 9am, when most people will be making their way into the city centre, it is expected to be cloudy, with just a 10% chance of rain. 

When marchers beginning congregating at Clyde Place at 10am, there will be an even smaller chance of rain, with the Met Office predicting chances at less than 5%. The sun is also set to shine between 10am and 11am, with temperatures sitting at approximately 15C.

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As the march gets underway at 12pm, the sun could disappear for a short while. Temperatures will remain at 15C, but the chance of rain will increase to 10%. So hopefully, you won't need to use your pride flags and umbrellas to keep from getting wet.

For the remainder of the day, Glasgow looks to be sunny and dry, with the sun breaking out of the clouds properly at around 2pm. The chance of rain will continue to sit between 5-10%, meaning you may not need that poncho after all. But bring it, just in case.